Getting Organized

What did Ben Franklin say? “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Meal prep is a popular trend lately, but its premise is true: the more prepared you are for healthy eating, the more control you have over your health and nutritional success. There’s nothing worse than arriving home at 6pm to a frozen hunk of meat and an empty pantry, and being faced with nothing to eat. The solution? Sunday soup, a bowl of 12 hardboiled eggs, Jarlsberg cheese sticks, chopped veggies and plenty of diced onions. Set yourself up for success!    

Call me crazy, but the picture (above) is one of the sexiest things in my kitchen. All the containers are glass, except for the few stainless steel ones at the top left. Divided containers, single containers, some small, some large. It’s the happiest drawer in my kitchen! (Now, if husband could just pleeeeeeease put it away this way, I could die a happy woman. Oh well…. love him regardless.) You HAVE to have a good way of storing your meal prep containers, so they are accessible and ready to go. This 30″ wide x 20″ deep drawer does the trick for me. Ahhhhhhhhhh……. 

Here’s the other thing that keeps me going – My meal planner. It’s simple, it let’s you project into the future, create your shopping list on the same page as your weekly plan. 52 pages in each journal. I found mine here: (Amazon) It’s sturdy, with a waxy-feel cover that will last a year. Small enough to tuck in your handbag to bring to the grocery store, but big enough to actually track real-life inside. 

You can get it on Amazon, here: Weekly Meal Planner

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