What to do? Went to the market yesterday to load up for the week, and realized about 5 seconds after entering the door that EVERY temptation known to woman was laid out in front of me. Football shaped cakes were in the front lobby. Gooey cheese dips were stacked the produce section. I stayed strong. I’d done my homework ahead of time, and decided to go ahead with our usual Super Bowl fare, only smarter this time. My husband and I call this type of dinner an “Armchair Buffet.” It’s our code for eating dinner in front of the tv when sports call for it. Super Bowl, NHL playoffs, the Derby. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s a treat when we do it. (Charcuterie doesn’t make the cut anymore.)  

We’re going to have a small portion of homemade, salt-less guacamole, shrimp cocktail with sauce made with no-salt ketchup, 2 ounces Swiss cheese, homemade salsa, but what kind of crackers/chips for all this goodness? I’m not a fan of processed foods anymore.

​I’ve read about making your own chips from wonton wrappers. Set them out on parchment paper on a jelly roll pan at 425° for 3 minutes. Then take them out, flip them over, and dab with olive oil. (The recipe called for spraying with cooking spray, but that sh** ain’t real. I spread the oil with a silicone brush. Made 50 crackers yesterday with 1 Tbsp oil.) Then sprinkle the crackers with seasoning. I used Frontier taco seasoning, which has no sodium.  

They aren’t Tostitos, but they ARE delicious, and they are crisp enough to be able to stand up to thick guacamole and heavy salsa. Yay!! My husband even liked them! That’s saying a LOT! 

no salt, and delicious!
Dab oil on each chip sparingly.
The finished product!!

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