Renegade Soup

Italian Wedding Soup? More like Italian Engagement Soup. I can’t commit to anything when I’m making soup. I might as well call this Italian Dating Soup, because I get pretty fickle as soon as the pan hits the stove top. Hauling out my mother’s 9 Qt. LeCreuset dutch oven every Sunday has become ritualistic. I have vivid memories of my mom standing over the stove, stirring that pot with a wooden spoon. Creating soup every week in that same pot is reassuring. We eat soup all week for our lunches. Nothing feels more comforting than a steaming crock of savory soup. Last week it was Purple Chicken Soup with pink pearl onions. Yep. That really happened. Note to self: Adding a bag of Whole Foods Tri-Colored carrots to your chicken soup will transform your creamy colored bone broth to a delicate violet. Here’s proof:

(I digress…)

There is a moment during the soup making process that the recipe I have carefully chosen goes off the rails. It happens every time. This week it was supposed to be Italian Wedding Soup. I made my meatballs, with ground turkey, fresh parsley, freshly minced garlic, one egg, a scant 1/4C of fresh grated parmesan, 1/4C diced white onion, and a generous sprinkle of marjoram and tarragon. I put 1 Tbsp. olive oil in my Lodge cast iron pan, brought it to medium high heat, and started searing the meatballs. Upon returning to the refrigerator to put the rest of the parsley away, there were two beautiful bunches of asparagus just sitting there. I sliced them diagonally, and in they went. Renegade Soup. In went two thinly sliced zucchini. Then 10 Campari tomatoes, quartered. Then 4 cloves of pressed garlic. Then a whole container of baby arugula. But whatever it’s called, it’s good, it’s hearty, it’s low salt, low fat, low carb, and it’s delicious. Renegade Sunday Soup.

(The moment when the recipe went off course…)

Picked up a new Wüsthof 8″ chef’s knife yesterday. The thing is outrageous! There is no resistance when cutting. It slices an onion like it’s butter! (I’ve only cut myself twice…)  I must respect the tip better! 

Ready for the week!

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