Starting the Day Off Right!

Breakfast is more difficult when you give up white, sugary carbs. We have grapefruit every day, and a hardboiled egg. Not very exciting or groundbreaking, but it’s portable and easy to grab in the morning as we run out the door. Another wonderful choice are Icelandic Provisions yogurts. Our favorite is Peach Cloudberry. Tons of protein to keep you full, and low enough sugar to not set off cravings after eating it. They also taste terrific! We’ve never seen a cloudberry, but we’re all about it! We also love Siggi’s Greek yogurt, but it’s so tart, it’s sometimes not something we can cozy up to unless we add mashed blueberries or strawberries to it to make it a little sweeter. Pucker up!

The weekends are a whole other story! Wholegrain toast, a mini avocado from Trader Joe’s, a runny poached egg, and some homemade salsa. Mmmmm! 

I boil a dozen every week.

20 grapefruit every week. Cut them up into pieces by cutting the rind off first, then into pieces. Makes a HUGE container that we go through within 6 days, and then we begin again. Tip: Use a cutting board on a slant, in a pan to collect the juice. We usually get a 32 oz. mason jar of juice from the cutting! It’s my husband’s favorite part. We pre-portion them into containers so they are a grab-and-go at 6:30am. High fiber, high oxidant, high Vitamin C, and delicious! Unfortunately, we are coming to the end of white grapefruit season … In November, they’ll be back!

Use a slanted cutting board when you are cursing the grapefruit
so you catch every delicious drop of juice!

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