Sugar Detox

my nemesis

The experience of sugar detox is mentally and physically disorienting. That’s the only way I can describe it. My physician explained that some people are “insulin reactive,” which basically means we are quite literally ADDICTED to sugar. White flour, white rice, white pasta, white potatoes, and all the glorious white sugar goodies in between. I can detox off sugar in about 3-4 long, crazed, terrible days. The cravings go away after that. But I know I am only one Oreo away from disaster. If I taste sugar…. it’s all over. I have to avoid it like the plague.

It would be so lovely to be one of those people who can have their desserts in moderation. Not me. Every single time I have tried to do that, I end up flat on my face. How was it my sister could have one sweet, and go on with her day? WHY was I so drawn to sugar and sweets, that it at times became consuming?

During a conversation with my doctor, I was bemoaning the fact that it was soooo hard to resist/limit sweets and carbs in my diet. As soon as she gave this thing (that I considered a character flaw) a NAME, I was astonished! “You mean this is a real condition??” All this time I just thought I was weak and spineless when it came to the temptation of certain foods. Relief flooded over me. It wasn’t my fault. Well… to be fair, no one forced me to toss those Oreos into my shopping cart. But understanding WHY I felt so compelled to buy them and consume them made the shame go away.

I was well into my 50’s when I was granted this epiphany. Knowledge is power. Now that I know what being insulin reactive is, and what it does to me, I can fight it. And here’s the crazy thing: I have read that sugar could cause inflammation in your joints. Well I’m a believer! Because since I have been off sugar these past 3 weeks, the aches and pains are definitely receding!

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  1. Wow can I ever relate to this. My whole life this is exactly what happens to me. Once I start sugar my day is ruined and it takes a long time to get back on track. I was given sugar as a young child because it was easy. (child abuse I think of it to set up your child to this horrible addiction. I do not crave protein at all – sugar and carbs that’s what I deal with. Now I know it has a name – thank you – Insulin Reactive that’s me and yes I do suffer from inflamation joint pain.

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