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A topic not yet discussed on K2.0, but oh so apparent, is weight loss. Eating clean and healthy can produce great results! We have yet to count a calorie, but this writer is down 15.4 pounds since January 6th, and my husband has lost about the same. Low-sodium, low-fat, low-carb (and only whole grain carbs,) but high flavor!

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No deprivation, no hunger, no fat-free fake foods, no exercise, no cravings, and we are still having wine, every. single. night. I pour 8 solid ounces and fill that glass to very top! (The kind of pour where you have to take a swig before you dare carry it across the carpet!)

I’ve been asked by many friends: “How are you doing this? What do you eat?” What does a typical day look like? Coffee in the early morning, and a second cup at about 8am. Regular half & half in the coffee. We’re not giving up our creature comforts, people, and that’s why this works. We’re satisfied.

Breakfast is usually a yogurt at around 9:30. High protein, low sugar, all natural yogurts keep us full. My husband likes oatmeal, and he opts for steel cut Irish oatmeal with blueberries.

Icelandic Provisions tastes great, with 15 grams of protein, and only 10-11 grams of sugar. I’ve never seen a cloudberry, but I sure like the taste of them! Siggi’s Greek yogurt is amazing too. Just be careful not to purchase the whole fat Siggi’s. read the labels carefully.

Lunch isn’t a “break” where I work. Almost everyone just eats at their desk while pushing though the afternoon. I usually have a cheese stick and a hard boiled egg. Maybe a salad. Or I heat up some soup from home, or have a big crock of gazpacho. Protein and veggies.

And then, my favorite part – grapefruit. I can fit the equivalent of two grapefruit in the tin I bring to work EVERY single day. I usually toss a handful of blueberries in with it – YUM! Loads of fiber, a tiny bit of sweet, and enough vitamin C each day to keep me from ever getting sick! I just keep it on my desk and snag a piece whenever the moment is right. It makes me happy all afternoon.

We don’t do a lot of snacking. Not because we can’t, but because we aren’t having cravings and we’re full. Maybe a small handful of unsalted cashews or raw pistachios as we are cooking dinner, but that’s about it. Those high-fat, high-sodium temptations aren’t in the cupboard, and there are none in the desk drawer at work, either. If it’s not there, we don’t eat it!

Dinner is…. well, YOU know what dinner is, because it’s on here every day! A protein, and always two different vegetables. We don’t deprive ourselves, we enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail every day, and our dinners are fantastic! We save our carbs for the weekend; for Pizza Saturday. It’s incredible how fulfilling GOOD food can be. Healthy food, in its natural state, prepared with love, by hand. It’s a good thing!

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  1. You are so inspiring. Weight loss is very impressive and you look fabulous!!
    Keep sharing your journey as it continues to inspire me and my taste buds everyday but fish day! 🐠

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