Salmon in Smokey Tomato Broth

It’s no secret around blog town that we love tomatoes. Fresh, ripe August tomatoes make us swoon! But tomatoes from a can? Not so much! This dish, however, changed our minds.

We started here. Pomi chopped tomatoes, with no added sodium. Into the Vitamix they went, along with smoked Paprika, chicken stock, white vinegar and a scant splash of dry white wine. After puréeing, the sauce went onto the stovetop to simmer and thicken.

Let the fish come to room temp before roasting in a hot 425º oven. Sprinkle with freshly cracked pepper on both sides.

Made a cashew/scallion relish for on top of the fish.

Let the fish roast for about 12 minutes then plate and serve! It was SUPER easy, and tasted like a restaurant-quality dish!

This could be made with any protein, not just salmon. Pork loin, or poultry. It would also be terrific with grilled, cubed tofu, quinoa and roasted root vegetables. Get creative!

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