K2.0 has been reminded that there has been too much seafood in the rotation, so we’re enjoying more poultry this week. Dredged some chicken tenderloins through a beaten egg, then whole wheat flour, then back in the egg, and then whole wheat panko. Went naked on the spices this time around. Baked them at 425º for 20 minutes. Perfection. Easy.

While they were cooking, we made Zhoug. Help me know how to pronounce this, can someone? “Zoog?” “Zōg?” Not sure. It’s a sauce originating in Yemen that is a spicy cilantro sauce. If you are one of the peeps that tastes soap in cilantro, use parsley instead.

One huge bunch of cilantro, (small stems and leaves, but no big stems,) four hearty cloves of garlic, 4 medium, seeded, fresh jalapeño peppers, (save the seeds) 1 tsp cumin, one tsp cardamom. Place all in Vitamix or food processor. Add 1/4C EVOO. Blend well. We added the oil in small segments, in order to try to use less oil, but it really needed the full amount. Tasted it, and because we love heat, we added a few jalapeño seeds at a time until the heat was to our liking.

Roasted some veggies while the chicken baked, too. 425º for 20 minutes.

Plated it up with a tiny dish of Zhoug. You don’t need much, but it was the perfect balance of savory chicken and spicy sauce. DELICIOUS!

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