Taco Bravo!

Tacos can be made with anything. We chose fish because of the simplicity, ease of cooking, and health benefits. Create a spicy rub. It can be made with any spice you desire. We used paprika, chipotle pepper, and garlic. Tacos are the perfect “what’s-in-the-fridge” meal. They’re perfect for creating a meal out of leftovers. Leftover chicken, beef or pork? Steam it so it doesn’t dry out, and then add your toppings. Tonight it was leftover uncooked cabbage, sliced into matchsticks, with blackened cod, leftover mango, red onion, and a dollop of plain non-fat Siggi’s yogurt with fresh lemon juice and cilantro stirred in.

Corn tortillas are the bomb! A reader suggested we char them over the stovetop burner add flavor, and she was SO right! The whole meal was ready in a snap, healthy, and delicious.

Love these taco holders, as well. We found them through the “Webstaurant Store” and purchased different holders for 2 and 3 tacos, since we have various stomach capacities in this house. It makes them so much easier to load and to eat!! So… go raid the fridge, pull out your favorite leftovers, and make a meal!

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