Battling Old Thoughts

We are heading out on a mini vacation this week, and there’s a Major Competition in my brain. We’re having an edacious, passionate argument with our old and new thoughts. In this corner: The Returning Champion: “Vacation! Yahoo! I can eat WHATEVER I WANT!” And the far corner, The Contender: “I will treat my health with respect and reverence!”

It’s a knee-jerk reaction to go on vacation and indulge. Desserts, extra wine, unhealthy snacking, extra wine, heavy lunches, appetizers; ALL filed exuberantly under the category of: “I’m on vacation, I deserve it.” (Did we mention extra wine?)

The obvious conundrum is that my body and my health don’t deserve it. So how do we undo those old recordings that play over and over and over in our heads?

We’re on a roll here at k2.0, and the scale is down 23 pounds in eleven weeks. But better than weight loss is the way we FEEL over here. Energized. Happier. (Dare I say: “Proud?“) My body is thanking me for treating it well.

On this vacation, we will rephrase our thinking and the negative self-talk that echos in our heads. Years of excuses just don’t belong here any more. We are making a resolution to break the cycle of vacations past. Each day starts with a mantra. “I am going to treat myself well today.”

Pre-planning for vacation: (1) Bring protein shakes with me, and the mini blender. That plan takes care of breakfast, and so we’ll be full all morning. (2) Lunches are usually a high protein yogurt, or a salad with clean protein, or clear soups. I can find that if I look hard enough. (3) Dinners will be something to look forward to. There are dozens and dozens of restaurants where we are headed. The better restaurants are usually very open to suggestions to accommodate healthier choices. (4) We are sticking to the one-drink-per-day rule. Have our wine, enjoy every sip, and then be done. We are staying satisfied, without feeling deprived. (5) WALK. Everywhere. (6) Bring clothes we love to wear and feel good in. Clothing is such an inspiration lately. We are stalking Poshmark on a daily basis. (Paying full price for transitional clothing is not on the menu.) But we are investing in pieces that will last throughout the ages: scarves, jewelry, shoes. Such fun.

Where we aren’t going: the Food Odyssey. Sorry, Ramón. Not interested. Unhealthy food can be found anywhere. We have to remember that this won’t be the last time we are ever offered (fill-in-the-blank). We don’t get a pass to gorge ourselves every day, just because we are out of town.

We can DO this! K2.0 is on a mission to change the refrain of the song. Rewrite the chorus. Time to move on, break the old habits, head into the unknown, but with necessary and secure scaffolding (pre-planning) in place to support us. Time to jet!

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you! Your website is exactly what I’ve been looking for on my journey to change my lifestyle and live healthier. I hope you continue to post recipes and thoughtful articles like this one for years to come.

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