Barbecue Breakthrough!

Ribs, for the most part, are blubbery. Mild chicken wings? Ick. Naked chicken on the grill is … well, it’s just plain chicken. Meh. However, with a little magic sauce made with molasses, ketchup, salt and vinegar – BHAM!

Barbecue sauce has been off limits lately, because of our Insulin Reactive status. We were nervous to taste that sweet, savory goodness and fall back in love. That is, until we brought out the spices and began some extensive experimentation. (Insert: evil scientist’s creepy laugh.)

With a little research, patience and ingenuity, we have created a sauce that is everything you want in a traditional barbecue sauce: a little heat, a little tang, and lots of smokey, thick, amazingness.

These 4 ingredients are the key. No Salt Added tomato paste: Choose a brand you like, but make sure it has no added sodium. Colgin Liquid Smoke: This one is important. My mom always had a bottle of Liquid Smoke in the cupboard, right next to the yellow bottle of Kitchen Bouquet. (Remember that one? Ewww. That’s for another post.) Some of the ingredients in certain brands of liquid smoke are as controversial as the secondhand smoke mom clouded us in every moment of our childhood. Choose a natural brand like Colgin, which can be found at Whole Foods and other natural markets. Bragg cider vinegar is a personal favorite, and then, pick your favorite brand of Worcestershire sauce.

Add the water last. Blend with an immersion blender or a whisk. Simmer for about 30-40 minutes until it’s thick again, and all the flavors are combined.

We enjoyed ours with homemade baked chicken tenders and dipped into the sauce with each bite. It was delicious! Nutrition figures are at the bottom of the recipe. You’ll be amazed!

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