Here at Kitchen2point0, we’re not pretentious, we’re not food snobs, and we’re not above criticism. We’re definitely not culinary-trained.

What we ARE is motivated. Becoming motivated to change is easy. STAYING motivated to KEEP CHANGING is the hardest thing ever. It could be motivation to eliminate sugar and unhealthy fats, or motivation to break free from a chemical addiction, or motivation to exercise. Staying ON the path is the key to success, and it’s the Achille’s heel at the same time. People say that it takes 20 days to make something a habit. Bullshit. We’ve been on this path for 94 days now, and it takes conscious effort every day to stay positive.

WHO are we? We’re YOU. We’re women and men. We’re tall and short and fat and thin. We’re young and old, and we just want to be healthier, and for once, STAY THAT WAY.

Continuous motivation is the key. What that means for k2.0 is to constantly look for non-scale victories to push us through the rough spots. Sometimes that means taking the time to notice that the sweater that was snug last month has a little slack to it today, instead of beating ourselves up about the fact that we aren’t in the next size down yet. That’s a victory!

We are bombarded with messages that tell us we need more: more stuff, more social status, more attractiveness, more youthfulness. No! We want to FEEL good. The rest is superficial. Yes, we want to LOOK good. Who doesn’t? But the ultimate goal HAS to be health.

There will always be people who think they are motivating us, but are… let’s just say … they’re misdirected. They mean well, (or maybe they don’t,) but it’s up to US to drive this train. Keep our eye on the prize. No one is in charge of our own health except for us. We can blame our actions on others, but ultimately, we are the ones who decide to eat it, freebase it, snort it, drink it… whatever. And our health pays the price for our digressions.

And then … there are the people who insist we are just fine the way we are.

Sometimes, those people are the most influential people of all, because their kindness is what we crave. It feels good to be loved, despite our fill-in-the-blank weaknesses. Isn’t that what everyone craves? But they also feed into the part of our consciousness that wants to take the easy way out. That’s human nature!

Recognizing that this is a trigger for us is half the battle. Resisting the urge to give in to that trigger is the demanding part. If one more person tells me to go take a goddamn bath when I am feeling enervated is going to get punched. “Read a book,” they say. “Take a bubble bath. Go for a walk.” Well if that was the key to skinnydom and health, I’d be f***ing Twiggy running the Boston Marathon. So what do we do when Dairy Queen is calling our name over the loudspeaker in our brain?

Chances are, we’re not actually hungry. We are probably just looking for a feel good moment. Something to divert us from feeling uncomfortable with our own thoughts.

At kitchen2point0, we’re learning to just sit with our thoughts. Learning to be uncomfortable for a bit and reflect on WHY we want a Medium Blizzard with Oreo and Heath Bar … and reach the trapped, inner thoughts … “Oh! It was that phone call yesterday that’s still bugging me.” That’s a victory.

Learning to clear our thoughts by understanding them, instead of eating or drinking them, is refreshing. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s okay to be uncomfortable.

The solution has never been inside the fridge. Or at Dairy Queen. The solution isn’t one definitive answer. There IS no holy grail. We all want one, don’t we? I remember Oprah saying: “There is no easy way out. Believe me, if there was, I would have bought it!” That always stuck with me. With her wealth and influence, that woman would have found the elixir and bought it, no matter the cost.

When we’re uncomfortable, we sit with it. We remember WHY we have chosen to re-boot our lives. It’s not easy. But it’s do-able. Press the re-set button, and hang in for the ride. The long ride.

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