Happy (Hour) Cooking!

Three words: Gin. Grapefruit. Thyme.

Are you saving your herbs just for cooking? We made a simple drink last night from only three elements: Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, one ounce of locally sourced gin, and a sprig of thyme. (The yellow bits on the ice at the top are grapefruit zest.) Refreshingly simple.

Dinner was a variation on a perennial favorite: Pork Tenderloin with Plums. Only there weren’t any plums at the market today, and only one lonely plum in my fruit bowl. We substituted with peaches, and it worked well.

Pork roast and peaches/plum cooked to perfection in the same cast iron casserole dish at 400º for 30 minutes. Second oven roasted the broccoli at 425º for the same 30 minutes. (Hint: Don’t crowd your veggies during roasting, or they won’t roast; they’ll steam. Use a large cookie sheet or jellyroll pan. Spritz with olive oil.) While letting the meat rest before slicing, we topped each piece of fruit with a dab of crumbled blue cheese. There’s a lot of flavor on that plate! Delicious drinks and dinner.

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