Ginger Steamed Fish

Fridays and fish. It’s more than a Lenten tradition; it’s a ritual. Tried something new tonight and the reaction was split. My husband LOVED it! I thought it was just so-so. It was because of the mushrooms. I’ve never been a fan. He loves them. Tried a new cooking technique as well.

Simple ingredients: Napa cabbage, Mirin, Saki, Tamari sauce (think Soy), sesame oil, fresh ginger sliced into matchsticks, scallions sliced thin, and Enokitake mushrooms.

Combined 2 Tbsp Mirin, 2 Tbsp Saki, and 1 Tbsp Tamari with 3/4C of water in a cast iron pot. Brought to a boil, and then turned heat to medium low so the liquids remained at a simmer. Added 5C chopped Napa first, then mushrooms, then ginger, and placed the two cod fillets on top. Put the cover on, and set the timer for 10 minutes.

Plated the dish by setting the fish aside and putting cabbage, mushrooms, and ginger in the bowl, then the fish on top. Sprinkled with scallions and dried red pepper, poured the broth into the bowl, and drizzled one tsp sesame oil on top of each fish fillet.

I thought the fish was amazing. I ate every bit. We were split on the mushrooms/cabbage, though. No worries. We had Saki to round out the meal! Cheers!

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