EASY Salads Make the Meal!

Last night we chose a white fish that could be cooked in a dry, seasoned cast iron pan. Added some smoked paprika and a few other spices to make it interesting. We love blackened fish!

Why is it, though, when asked what’s for dinner, we go straight to the protein? There are a handful of normally rotated categories for the protein in our evening meals: poultry, fish, pork, soy proteins, legumes/grains … but we need to think beyond the protein when creating a meal.

The stars of last night’s meal were the salads. Fast, healthy and simple to make. Salad does NOT have to involve a head of romaine!

On the left: Thinly sliced cucumbers, red onion and watermelon radishes. We gave them a quick marinade in white balsamic vinegar, 1 teaspoon of EVOO, a few shakes of white pepper, and done.

On the right: We sliced 2 heads of Endive lettuce, and tossed it with a quarter of a small yellow onion and 1 Gala apple sliced into matchsticks. The dressing was 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar, 1 tsp olive oil, and 1 tsp Dijon mustard.

IDEA: Either of these 2 salads could be tomorrow’s lunch. Add some shredded chicken to the endive salad, or some ginger-soy tofu to the cucumbers and radishes, add a slice of hearty, whole-grain, seeded bread… Voila! A lunch to look forward to!

The watermelon/jalapeno number is the precursor to tonight’s salsa … only someone got into the watermelon (not me, people!) before the rest of the salsa was created! Stay tuned!

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