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34 pounds down at K2.0 since January 1. We often get asked how we stay on track, and our answer always refers back to the planning stages of eating well. Fail to plan? Plan to fail!

Here’s what we know for certain: If we didn’t sit down each week and sketch out our healthy meals for the coming week, and if we didn’t have the easy organization in this Meal Planer Book, we’d have crashed and burned a long time ago. True story. This little book is the key.

Taco Tuesday. Pizza Saturday. Fish 2-3 times a week. Those things are just built in, because we love them. The same time the meals are written in, we use the other side of the page to build our shopping list.

Some weeks are a simple plan. Others are very specific.

Because of our planning, we have calm in the kitchen. Gone are the days when we start to panic at 6pm, wondering what we can create from the mess in the fridge, because we’re HANGRY!

As with anything, our skills have grown as we practice them. We no longer purchase broth and stock, because we are making our own, making extra, and freezing it. The pantry has the spices we come back to, again and again.

THREE (3!) LUCKY BLOG FOLLOWERS will receive a BRAND NEW copy of the WEEKLY MEAL PLANNER we use here at K2.0 and with it, copies of our easiest and most favorite pizza and taco recipes!


Sign up on the right side of this page, with your email address. Giveaway ends on May 10th, 2019. Sorry, kids: Family members of K2.0 not eligible.

*Note: Meal Planner Book is not created or owned by Kitchen2point0. We just happen to love it, and we want to share it with our friends!

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  1. Would love help in organizing meals.
    I struggle with trying to plan healthy meals and snacks

    1. We are here to help you, Marlene! We’ll get a post up soon about how to do the meal planning, in more detail. In the meantime, we hope you have decided to follow the blog!

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