Chicago: Guesting on a Radio Show, the Family, and the Cubs!

Spent Mother’s Day weekend in Chicago with my husband and all our kids. We had a wonderful time with my husband’s brother and his soon-to-be wife, Jane Monzures. Jane is a bonafide Chicago celeb; hosting Living Healthy Chicago on WGN-TV Channel 9, among other numerous television and radio gigs. She’s even been on the Today Show! Jane is also one of the kindest people we’ve ever known, and true to form, Jane asked me to sit in on her radio show on Friday night and talk about Kitchen 2.0 for a bit, LIVE on the radio. Crazy! It was nerve wracking, amazing and exciting all in one experience. SO PROUD to push K2.0 out to the huge footprint of “The Voice of Chicago,” WGN Radio! Thank you Jane and Pete! The blog stats soared!

Jane Monzures, Molly Clauss, Pete McMurray
Chatting it up, live!
WGN website page  

My favorite people!
The fam, going apeshit crazy in the producer’s room, right after my appearance on the radio show! I love my peeps! Look at my kids!!!!! Hahahahahaha

HERE IS THE SHOW! CLICK HERE. It’s 8 minutes long, and it was loads of fun!

Jane, doing her thing!
My daughter, watching the taping of the show.
Made pizza for my peeps on Saturday night.
Cubbies WON, in a 2-1 win with a 15th inning walk-off home run! Woot woot!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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