Clearing Our Heads

We can’t think straight when the desk is a mess. We can’t find anything to wear if the closet isn’t organized. And ditto for the kitchen. If your kitchen gets out of control within days of cleaning it up, it’s not your organization that’s at fault.

It’s your stuff. Chances are, you have too much kitchen stuff. Last winter, we cleaned out the food pantry, stocking only items on our new eating plan. Shortly after that, we began to clean out the other cupboards as well, donating and getting rid of the unnecessary gadgets, plastic bowls, and tools we never use.

In an effort to return to the roots of cooking by scratch, we also got rid of many of the mechanical tools that were taking up space. The electric juicer was donated, in favor of a $9 wood citrus reamer. The utensil drawer was cleaned out, and plastic was recycled in favor of only metal or wood utensils. The electric can opener hit the road, and the sturdy metal turn key opener stepped up in it’s place. Knives were sent out for sharpening. We held onto our favorite Y-shaped vegetable peeler, and sent the rest to the homeless shelter, along with pots and pans that were never chosen for use, because we favored other ones. We set up a shelf in the back room with the items we use only once each week: the cast iron soup pot, the dough proofing box, and the pizza stone for the grill. Our kitchen drawers and shelves harbor only what we use on a daily basis. It’s more pleasurable to be involved with our food in this way. We aren’t searching through drawers looking for something hidden in plain sight, due to the amass of clutter.

What we kept: The Cuisinart food processor and the Vitamix live on the kitchen shelf. They are used on a daily basis. My grandmother’s Hobart stand mixer lives on the baking shelf, because I love looking at it, and it’s too heavy to move around all the time. It’s the precursor to the KitchenAid, and was battleship gray until my husband took it to an auto shop and had it professionally spray painted fire engine red for my birthday about a decade ago. He scored MAJOR points for that rockstar move!

00 pizza flour, whole wheat flour, raw sugar, and corn meal.

If you want to enjoy cooking more, consider cleaning out your kitchen. Transform it into a space you love to be in. It doesn’t have to be fancy or high end. Make it sparse, with only what you truly NEED, and what you truly love. ❤️

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