Horseradish Encrusted Fish

I don’t know about you, but if it doesn’t stop being gloomy and overcast (and creating a mud bath in the backyard for the dogs,) we’re moving to Arizona. It’s the end of May, and we’re still cooking cozy, warm dishes like soup and baked fish because it’s raining again, and cozy food cheers us up.

Four simple ingredients for this fish topping: horseradish, freshly ground whole wheat bread crumbs, one minced shallot, and the zest from one lemon, to brighten up the taste. (Literally threw the two slices of bread into the Cuisinart, and it made a full cup of crumbs. Placed the extra into the freezer for another day.)

Baked the fish with the cherry tomatoes in a beautiful, new Le Creuset red baker the children gave us for Mother’s Day. (THANK YOU, Clauss kids!) 425º for 20 minutes and done! Delicious, zesty and comforting for another cloudy day.

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