Spring Veggies and Ricotta for Pizza!


Inspired by a post on Epicurious about asparagus, we decided to lighten and brighten their pizza recipe and give it a try on Saturday night. We are so glad we did! Spring goodness: leeks, peas, asparagus, garlic, micro greens, zucchini, lemon and two cheeses.

We made a 50/50 dough during the day, and let it rest and rise. (50/50 is half whole wheat flour and half white.) Stretched it out and baked it in the oven on a pizza steel for 5 minutes. Then spread a smooth and creamy ricotta mixture on top: fat-free organic ricotta, lemon zest, and a pesto made with basil, garlic, pine nuts and just a touch of olive oil. It wouldn’t have been great on it’s own, but mixed into the ricotta, we couldn’t tell the difference.

We let the ricotta drain for about a half hour in a paper towel lined chinois. You can also use a conventional colander.

The conical shape of the chinois forces the weight of the ricotta to act as its own gravity press, so no added pressure needs to be supplied. If using a conventional colander, place a heavy mug on top of the cheese for slight pressure.

We shaved the asparagus and the zucchini with the veggie peeler. Added about a cup of halved-lengthwise and thinly sliced leeks. Sliced the pea pods on the diagonal. We added fresh peas as well, and tossed all the greens in white balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil. Yum.

STILL haven’t mastered the art of the ROUND pizza … haha.

We sliced über thin pieces of mozzarella with a wire so that it was almost transparent. Placed it strategically on top, and tossed the pizza on the outdoor grill pizza stone and closed the lid.

Poured a glass of Pinot Noir … and …

freaking amazing!

We added a few shreds of pecorino cheese on top, and ground pepper. The brightness of the lemon zest and the pecorino was the right amount of pop to balance out the cheese and veggies. We also sprinkled micro greens on top.

Note: In the recipe below, the pizza dough is not factored into the nutritional stats, as pizza doughs and serving sizes vary. If you would like to use our 72-hour pizza dough, you can find the recipe here: PIZZA.

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