Pizza al Pastor

The English translation of “al Pastor” is Spanish: “shepherd style.” Children of Lebanese immigrants to Mexico continued the Lebanese style of vertical spit-roasting when roasting pork. They topped the spit with onion and pineapple, letting the juices drip down the meat and caramelize. This recipe incorporates an authentic Mexican al Pastor recipe, but sodium and saturated fat are lightened up, and fiber is increased.

For this pizza, we chose whole wheat dough. We marinated a lean pork tenderloin with homemade Achilles paste made with dried guajillo chiles. Then cooked the pork low & slow for 4 hours. We used half the pork for the pizzas, (our dough made two 12″ pizzas) and saved the rest for salads tomorrow. In the meantime, we grilled our pineapple in a grill pan on the stove top, and made a tomatillo salsa by charring jalapeños, tomatillos, onions and garlic. We blended it with a splash of vinegar, fresh cilantro, and lime juice.

Tomatillo salsa – the char is the key!

We were lucky enough to find ramps at the market today, so those went on the grill to use as a pizza garnish!

Pizza was cooked on the grill, garnished with grilled ramps, cilantro and cotija cheese, and eaten with gusto. Absolutely delicious. We highly recommend this one! This is easily made into more traditional Tacos al Pastor, by placing the fillings into corn tortillas.

The printable recipe, below, does not include pizza crust in the nutrition stats, as crust recipes and sizes vary. The do stats include toppings for two slices of pizza.

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  2. Your creative touch is shining through in all of you post. Love to read your recipes. When is your book coming out to get us all on your eating lifestyle?

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