Roasted Carrot – Thyme – Ginger Soup

Cartoon: snowmen comparing each other's carrots

After a weekend of cool, rainy weather, we come around to soup again for lunch. No one’s complaining … at least about the Roasted Carrot Soup.

a picture of roasted carrot soup

To make Roasted Carrot Soup:

Roasted the carrots in the oven, then added them to a savory mixture of sautéed onion and garlic, ginger, homemade vegetable broth, and thyme. Ground spices, clove and allspice, were sprinkled in. A Vitamix was used to purée the soup. An immersion blender or countertop blender would work well also. Garnish is Fak’n Bacon.

We think soup is one of those comforting dishes that needs to be in the rotation at least once a week. But we also don’t know how to make just a little soup. Take advantage of the empty space in your freezer and a case of Mason jars. This soup freezes beautifully. Once you get a few batches of different soup in your freezer, you don’t have to have the same soup each time you defrost a jar.

a picture of roasted carrot soup
a picture of roasted carrot soup
Some for now, some for later!

Print the recipe, below:

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