K2.0 on the GO!

We’ve been on the go, first in Chicago and then in Miamisburg, Ohio. Whirlwind trip, 5 days on the go, feels like 10. Every meal was eaten out. We could easily have gone off the rails, but we chose to stay true to our ideals. We ate magnificently, but carefully. The key, is to never deprive ourselves, but to eat responsibly. The strategy? Read below!

Realized our flight was delayed, so we headed to the bar, of course! 8 oz. pour, plus a coffee. Baby girl loves Kim Crawford. I went with MacMurray.

wine and coffee

By the time we got to Chicago, we were long overdue for some dinner. We ate at Girl and the Goat on Randolph St. near the West Loop. Three different small plates to share: scallops with sunflower, chili lime sauce and pistachios, a broccoli dish, and a dish featuring goat satay.

My scallop – yum!

The next morning played it safe, chose plain eggs and fruit. Then walked 20,000 steps around the city. I love Chicago!

poached eggs

Lunch was grilled redfish tacos at True Food Kitchen, with tomatillo salsa, pickled jicama, radish and dried corn. Ate one tortilla, left the 2nd. Didn’t bother with the side dish of beans. It’s all about choices; the tall and the small. They all add up.


Dinner was at the Grant Park Bistro in the Essex Hotel. Grilled romaine (no olive oil) and we split the salmon entree. When romaine is grilled, it’s so flavorful that dressing isn’t needed. Asked for it on the side, but barely touched it. Ate every crumb of that sharp parmesan, though! Entree (below) was salmon with roasted celery root and apple, and pickled fennel. And plenty of wine. GOOD wine. Lots of wine.

grilled romaine salad

Then walked off our dinner, heading through the city to a great night of music, my girl, and my boys: Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie.

Rolling Stones concert June 21, 2019
(Me and my mini twinnie.)

The evening was epic. Third time seeing the Stones with my daughter. We danced and walked another 10,000 steps that evening! (Wish the whole family was there with us, but it’s not their gig.)

Rolling Stones
They may be old, but they’ve still got it!
You can see my boy Mick here, singing just to ME! haha

We were on the road early the next morning; tired and happy. Plenty of cold brew coffee for the car, and a pit stop for fruit and nuts. Five hours, and plenty of Stones songs later, we got to Ohio, to see THIS guy! (My husband joined us there too, but he didn’t make the photo.)

Adore these two! Our son lives in Ohio. So fantastic to spend time with him.
Missed having our other son and his fiancé with us, but we’ll see them in July.
salmon salad

Dinner was plain grilled salmon on salad, with another round of jicama.

poached eggs

More eggs the next morning, but with spinach and whole grain bread this time. Plus 1/4 avocado. Yum! Still holding strong too K2.0 ideals! Loads of walking that day as well … at least another 10K steps.

Two more on the go meals went un-photographed, but dinner was salmon once again, plain and grilled, and breakfast the last morning was at a wonderful place called First Watch. (If you are lucky enough to have one near you, check them out! I wish we had one back home!) Built my own meal with a little of this, and none of that.

If I had said to myself, (before we left home,) that I would exercise each day, eat perfectly, and not have any wine, I would have been a miserable failure at all three. However, by choosing to walk places instead of ride, by choosing my meals one moment at a time, and by choosing my favorites, I succeeded.

  • Yes, eggs and salmon were on constant repeat.
  • Yes, those items are healthy.
  • No, that isn’t a balanced diet.

This is how I battle the vacation demons that call my name and beg me to fall off track. I choose the food I want, but I make good choices with it. I ordered “off the menu” plenty of times, asking for things to be prepared my way.

Billy Crystal image

If you click on the restaurant links I provided above, you’ll recognize a theme there as well. We chose restaurants that served healthy food, farm to table, responsibly. Walking into a pub scene with fries and burgers wasn’t on our menu.

Now that we’re home, I’ll forgo the eggs for a week, to balance out the choices I made when we were away. We’ll enjoy white fish, poultry or pork, and save the salmon for next week.

And we’ll pull back on that 2nd pour of wine. (Darn it!)


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