K2.0 at the big 5-0, one meal at a time.

One day at a time, one meal at a time, one choice at a time. We put health as our highest priority, and the rest fell into place. Before we settled into this comfortable mental space with choices, (pre-2019,) it felt like there were cans and can’ts about eating. We can have this, but we can’t have that. The word can’t infers a lack of permission. “I want to, but I can’t.” It was a negative mindset.

No more. CAN’T

Instead, we are focusing on CAN. We can eat healthy. We can have a delicious dinner. We can choose. One meal at a time.

Could we have junk food? Sure!

Have we had junk food in the past 6 months? Nope.

Do we want it? If we’re honest, not really!

We look at a cheese and pepperoni pizza very differently now than we used to. Before, we never gave it a second thought. Now, it wouldn’t taste as good as the pizza we made just last night.

The goal used to be to look better and to fit in smaller size clothing. When vanity is the goal, we make excuses, and we rationalize our poor choices. The definition of rationalization is: “the action of attempting to explain or justify behavior or an attitude with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.”

How many times have we justified doing/eating/buying something because we told ourselves we deserved it? Rationalization used to be my middle name!

Now? Nothing is off limits … we have tacos and pizza every single week. We just make it differently now. Responsibly. With intent. With purpose. For health. If you’ve tried our recipes, you know they are delicious!

Here’s the proof that this way of eating works:

Before: Bloated, pre-diabetic, obese, tired all the time, sick, heartburn, achy joints, sleep issues … you name it.

After: Comfortable, at peace, healthier, happier. No longer pre-diabetic. Cholesterol at normal range. Heartburn gone. Achy joints gone. FIFTY pounds gone. More to go, but we’ll get there, one meal at a time.

The bottom line? It works.

Kitchen 2.0 recipes and the way of eating we have adopted WORKS. We don’t count calories, we don’t limit our portions, weigh our food, or measure it. We eat when we are hungry, and we stop when we’re satisfied. We snack. We drink wine. There aren’t many rules, except that if it’s not healthy for us, we don’t eat it. We started this journey almost exactly 6 months ago, and the proof is in the pictures above.

We truly believe that part of the success of K2.0 is that there are no additives, refined carbs, or fake foods in our kitchen. Nobody here is eating sugar alcohols, preservatives, flavor enhancers or emulsifiers. (What the hell is guar gum, anyway?)

Here’s what we were eating, before K2.0:

  • Anti-caking agents – stop ingredients from becoming lumpy.
  • Antioxidants – prevent foods from oxidizing, or going rancid.
  • Artificial sweeteners – increase the sweetness.
  • Emulsifiers – stop fats from clotting together.
  • Food acids – maintain the right acid level.
  • Colors – enhance or add color.
  • Humectants – keep foods moist.
  • Flavors – add flavor.
  • Flavor enhancers – increase the power of a flavor.
  • Foaming agents – maintain uniform aeration of gases in foods.
  • Mineral salts – enhance texture and flavor.
  • Preservatives – stop microbes from multiplying and spoiling the food.
  • Thickeners and vegetable gums – enhance texture and consistency.
  • Stabilizers and firming agents – maintain even food dispersion.
  • Flour treatment – improves baking quality.
  • Glazing agent – improves appearance and can protect food.
  • Gelling agents – alter the texture of foods through gel formation.
  • Propellants – help propel food from a container.
  • Raising agents – increase the volume of food through the use of gases.
  • Bulking agents – increase the volume of food without major changes to its available energy.

The scarier additive list is found here:


We think our food is fine without all those things.

We purchase organic about 60% of the time now; our poultry, pork and fish are always organic, and the fruits and veggies vary. (Refer here, for the “Clean 15” and the “Dirty Dozen.”) Do we go overboard and avoid fresh berries if they aren’t organic? Of course not. It’s only a guideline. Do we think that there still are hidden additives in our food? Absolutely. But we aren’t eating fast food, shelf-stable foods, processed meats, and all the other foods we once ate. Do we miss Oreos? Sometimes. Do we want one? Sometimes. Is it worth eating? Nope.

Ex: You know that white “dust” that’s all over your pre-grated cheese? We used to think that was just little dusty pieces of cheese that was generated when it went through the graters in the factory. NOPE! Those are emulsifiers, that keep fats from sticking together. Egg lecithin, mono and diglycerides, polysorbates, carrageenan and guar gum are all emulsifiers. No thanks. We’ll pass. We grate our own cheese. It takes 2 seconds.

Cooking from scratch keeps us in touch with our food.

We like juicing a real lemon because it smells so good, growing our own herbs because they look so pretty, kneading our own dough because it feels so good! It’s satisfying to make real food, and it tastes better than the alternatives.

Salt shaker? Nope. Saturated fat? Nope. Good fats? Sure! Just not a ton of them. Moderation. None of this is rocket science. It’s just K2.0. We’re not food snobs, we’re not culinary trained, and we’re not above regress. We hold no judgement to the way people eat. But we can’t argue with the hard fact that changing our diet has made an extraordinary difference in the quality of our lives.

Want help in changing up the way your family eats?

Email us – molly@kitchen2point0.com so we can set you up with our starter guide!


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