HOT Day, Simple Vegetarian Supper.

My husband has been traveling on business, so cooking this week has been highly abbreviated. Grill and stovetop only, and the simpler, the better. When it’s only me to cook for, I prefer to go vegetarian.

It was 97º here today as I was driving around the city, and the top was off the Jeep. No A/C for me! Just breezes and tangled Jeep hair. I want an easy, vegetarian dinner and no fuss.

Grilled some romaine for a salad tonight, and garnished it with a little crumbled goat cheese on one half, and shaved asiago on the other. I couldn’t decide between the two, so I had both!

Made some asparagus soup with many jars to spare, for the freezer. No real recipe, just threw it together. Somewhere around 10-12 cups of chicken stock, chopped onions, 3 cloves of garlic, and 4 huge bunches of asparagus. Simmered it for 20 minutes, and puréed the mixture in the Vitamix until it was as smooth as velvet. We put off getting a Vitamix for so many years. Now, I regret waiting so long! It gets used almost every day. As a scratch cook, every sauce, dressing and soup is homemade. Only 3 appliances live on the counter here at K2.0, and the Vitamix is one of them. (30-year-old Cuisinart and 73-year-old Hobart mixer are the others. They don’t make them like they used to!)

A little garnish of blanched asparagus stalks and some homemade croutons to keep it crunchy, and it was dinner! Done and done!


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