Cooking Class

If you love to cook, register for a cooking class. If you don’t love to cook, register for a cooking class! It is inspiring!

Menu for the evening's cooling class

K2.0 was on the go last night! I gifted my husband an evening of cheffery (is that a word?) for his birthday at the Artisan Culinary Loft. He loved it! He was surprised how much he already knew about healthy eating through our K2.0 journey. Chef Stephen was funny and humble and made the experience fun for all of us!

Participant tossing shrimp in a pan in the cooking class

The birthday boy got right into the action! So proud of him!

vegetable scraps in a pan at the cooking class

I was surprised to see onion peels in the stock pan! We save our veggie scraps in the freezer to make stock, but I always carefully pull out the papery onion peels. Not anymore! They’ll go in the pan every time now!

Chef Stephen showing us his dough at cooking class

Homemade crackers are a favorite here at K2.0. But our dough game is inconsistent. We envy the people who can just eyeball the amounts and make perfect dough. We’ll keep trying, though!!! Practice makes perfect!

Our daughter chopping an onion at cooking class

Our daughter is pictured here, learning how to slice an onion into uniform-sized pieces. Why do they need to be the same size? If there’s too much variation in size, some pieces can start to burn before others even soften.

grilled vegetables at cooking class
Molly at the counter, chopping cilantro during the cooking class

I was lucky enough to get into the action as well. I’m practically drooling over the Wolf stove to my left!

the main dish at the cooking class

Take a cooking class. You won’t regret it! It’s fun, you’ll pick up a new tip or two, and you’ll share a great meal and have fun in the process.

For more information on the class we attended, check out the Healthy Options page on Instagram or at their website.


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