Cooper’s Small Batch Hot Sauce

three bottles of Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce

No, we aren’t sponsored by Cooper’s Small Batch Hot Sauce. We are sharing because these are little bottles of amazingness, and they’re so low in sodium, you won’t believe it! Our bottles (above) aren’t neat and shiny; they’re half empty because we use them every day!

Look on the nutrition label of an average hot sauce, and this is what you will see:

We’re not identifying which sauce this is, but it’s a national brand hot sauce that is pretty well known for making chicken wings, here, in the wing capital of the world, Buffalo, NY. There’s only 5 ingredients in it: red peppers, vinegar, water, salt and garlic. Seems pure enough, right? But that sodium! The sodium content for one serving size (1 tiny teaspoon) is 190mg! We did a little math with their recipe for making wings, and discovered that a serving of 12 wings would provide a whopping 4,560mg of sodium. Ouch!

picture of a platter of chicken wings
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Before you fall off your chair, that number would be accurate if you ate every last drop of the hot sauce they are coated in. However, the stats are equally as disturbing on for a popular national chain of wing restaurants that has the word “Buffalo” in the title. One of their wings has 284mg. of sodium. If you ate 12, you will have taken in 3,400mg. of sodium. (And who has wings without french fries on the side? Umm … no one? And we’re not even going to start doing stats for salty blue cheese!)

So what’s a gal to do?

Hot sauce is our favorite condiment! Around here, hot sauce goes with everything. Scrambled eggs? Yes! Roasted vegetables? Yes! Grilled fish and poultry? Double yes! We aren’t eating wings anymore, but we still love the kick from a little bottle of liquid fire. Lunch today is heirloom tomatoes with goat cheese, fresh basil, chia seeds, Fak’n Bac’n and Cooper’s Small Batch Hot Sauce!

platter of tomatoes and basil

Not all of Cooper’s sauces are low sodium, but our three favorites are! “Thai Me Up” has a curry kick to it, “Grundle Thumper” is made with the power of Habaneros, and my personal favorite, “Leche Diablesa” uses coconut, lime and chili peppers to make a more subtle statement. YUM! Each of those 3 flavors has either 10mg per serving, or ZERO! Cooper’s is coming out with two new sauces any day now: “Peaches En Regalia” and “Jamaica Killer Sauce,” and we hope and pray that they are low-sodium too!

tomatoes with Cooper's Small Batch Hot Sauce on it!

We’ll let you know when the new sauces are for sale on their website!

  • 8/23/19 UPDATE!! They are available NOW! We just ordered both new sauces today!! Click here to order!

Order their sample kit to discover your favorite! (If you are watching your sodium intake, however, stick to the three we mentioned.) And then email us, and let us know how you liked them!

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