Pizza Game ON!

picture of pizza

Our pizza game just got serious! We visited our faaaavorite wood fired pizza restaurant over the weekend, and as usual, sat at the chef’s table so we could watch them make everything. We talked dough and flour for two hours with our new bff, Chef Will, at Hydraulic Hearth. He makes it look so easy!

Below, is one of our favorite combinations: burrata, tomato, arugula, shaved parm and balsamic glaze. It’s a slice of perfection. And yes, white flour dough. A total splurge. (In our defense, they don’t offer a whole wheat option!)

picture of pizza

ATE. THAT. WHOLE. THING. By myself. Not ashamed. It was THAT good.

See that little piece of paper tucked under the pizza pan? Chef Will gave us the name of a cookbook that he recommends to anyone who’s interested in making pizza. We ordered it from Amazon while eating, and it arrived late yesterday afternoon.

picture of Pizza Camp cookbook by Joe Beddia

I sat right down with a glass of wine and the new cookbook: “Pizza Camp” by Joe Beddia.

Here’s how great this book is:

I read it cover to cover, totally forgot to make an early dinner for my husband who had to leave at 6pm, (who left with a protein bar in his hand and an empty stomach) … so … I put some Shishito peppers under the broiler for tacos when he got home … aaaaaand … forgot about those, too.

burned Shishito peppers

There may have been flames. (There definitely were flames.)

I just didn’t notice, because I was too busy reading Pizza Camp. The house still smells like smoke.

Pick yourself up a copy if you want to learn how to make really, really good pizza. And if you live in Philly, you probably have heard of his restaurant in Fishtown: Pizzeria Beddia. The place is quirky; there’s no published phone number directly for the restaurant, reservations are by email, it’s eat-in only, (no take-out!) and it was named the Best Pizza in America by Bon Appetit magazine! The book is just as quirky; Joe’s doodles and funky bubble handwriting are throughout. Clearly the guy does things his way, and who are we to question that, because it’s clearly working for him! Our next trip to Philly is for pizza!

Note: This is not a sponsored post. We just love recommending great things.

Get this cookbook.

Just make sure to read it when you have no other responsibilities!!!

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