Summer Fading into Fall

One of the most wonderful culinary shifts is summer fading into fall. We’ve been grilling outdoors and eating our weight in tomatoes every day, because it’s still technically summer, and we’ll continue with that plan until the fields see their first frost.

While shopping today, I was practically accosted by autumn decor everywhere I went. Slow it down, people! Yes, the kids are back in school today, but that doesn’t mean we have to hang fall wreaths and start pumpkin-spicing just yet! We’ll be experiencing amazing local produce for another two months here, and our recipes will take full advantage of it!

We are looking forward to all the fall favorites; roasts and hearty soups and endless batches of chili, but until the weather forces us to do it, we’re adopting a slow, gradual fade into fall.

What was on the menu this weekend? Pizza, of course!

Our oldest was home for the long weekend. SO great to have him with us! Before his career in machine engineering, he earned his chops at the top 2 independent pizza places in Buffalo: Bocce and La Nova, and this guy knows his way around a pizza.

He’s a cheese and pepperoni guy, extra bake, with fresh shredded Asiago on top. It was a thing of beauty.

My husband made his own, with fresh hot peppers, oregano and basil from the garden. He didn’t put any of the pepperoni on his pizza, but he did admit to sneaking one slice from the pile. I’d say that’s pretty admirable restraint!

Mine was onions, peppers, and yellow and red heirloom tomatoes, with paper thin slices of mozzarella, thanks to our cheese lyre. It’s a simple gadget, but my favorite for cutting soft cheeses.

Pizza is on weekly repeat here at K2.0, and even so, I’m 60 lbs down since January. I never would have believed it if I hadn’t done this myself. Email us for our Starter Guide and Pantry List, if you’re interested. Clean eating is the way to go, and eliminating all the “whites” and processed food is the key.

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