Do We Ever Really “Have” This?

Lately, I’ve been so caught up in blog statistics and learning how to monetize the blog, blah blah blah, SEO scores (Search Engine Optimization scores on each post,) etc., that I’ve wandered too far off the path and have become lost. Lost from the purpose of what I started out to do, which is (1.) to become healthier, and (2.) share the ideas and recipes that helped me get there. It was supposed to be that simple. Share the easy scratch recipes that I created, in order to help other people get healthy. There are a modest amount of readers that follow along on this path with me, to whom I say thank you!

I’ve fallen away from many of the things I suggest to you all do, which is to stay vigilant with internal organization. I haven’t meal planned or written a shopping list in 3 weeks, because I have been spending all my time on the back end of this blog. SEO. Plug-ins. Gutenberg. AMP. Things that improve my chances of getting more traffic, but why am I making that my focus? Would I love a boatload more followers? Sure! Would I love a cookbook deal? Hell yeah! But I’m only one person, and the blogs that have thousands of followers like Pinch of Yum and Skinnytaste and Smitten Kitchen have a full team behind them that I don’t have. So, instead of trying to be what I’m not, I’m scaling back, mentally, to where this all began.

The fridge.

It began with the refrigerator. It’s always the fridge. This morning, in an effort to regroup, I cleaned out the fridge, scrubbed the shelves, and tossed the month-old cilantro that morphed into mud. I took out all the produce sitting in bags, not prepped, and I diced and chopped for an hour until it was set for the next few days. And to prove that I’m back on track, here’s my accountability photo:

Everything is prepped and ready to cook. It feels so good! Screw SEO! I’m going to stay the course and keep my promises to myself first.

I don’t know if we can ever really say that we’ve “got this.” I think that as soon as we tell ourselves it’s handled, we begin the slow, tenuous slide back to where we started from. For me, sugar is an addiction. I know that I can’t have much. But! When I’ve been giving myself a 2nd pour of wine each night, and telling myself it’s fine, it’s not! Not if healthy, steady blood sugar is my goal. And those beautiful artisan crackers I made? I ate 95% of them myself. And then I made a second batch and ate most of those, too. I’m stressed about specific things in my life, but I’m starting to use sugar to feel better. Not good.

The first thing anyone will tell you about any addiction is you don’t recover by stopping using (your drug of choice.) You recover by creating a life where it’s easier NOT to use. If you don’t create a new life, then all the factors that brought you to your addiction will eventually catch up with you again. I know this firsthand.

Creating my new life was about being organized and (literally) prepped for success. Recovery isn’t about one big change. It’s about lots of little changes, repeated over and over, every single day. I stopped doing those things, and started to backslide.

So it’s time to refocus, reaffirm, renew my commitment to the goal: JUST HEALTH. I’d love to hear from some of you who have made your health your #1 goal. What are your challenges? How do you pull yourself back from the edge of that very slippery slope called “complacency?” You can comment below, or shoot me an email. We need to hold each other up. If I’ve made a small difference in the way you cook, do me a favor and let me know. We’re all in this together!

P.S. This post has a lousy SEO score. (And I don’t even care!)

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