K2.0 on the Go, and The Jemma Salad

K2.0 was on the go last weekend! We were fortunate enough to attend a wedding in Chicago. Not just any wedding, however! It was extravagant, over the top beautiful, and … well … let’s just say it included a marching band, the Heisman Trophy, and a giant cardboard check for $1.7 Billion dollars! (Thanks for the laughs, Pete!)

(Long story, and one we won’t be telling here.)

But what we will say, is that it was one of those weddings that we will remember forever; not for the funny shenanigans, (we laughed ’til we cried, Pete!) or for the amazing food, the incredible feathered centerpieces, or for the photographs that were frozen right into the ice cubes.

We will remember the LOVE.

Weddings have an emotional flavor to them. We’ve all been to an ordinary wedding where the couple seems to just be going through the motions. This wedding stands out because it was a reflection of the strong bond between two people and the love that they harbor for their family and friends. Every detail was meticulously planned with one purpose: to give the attendees a wonderful evening. Thank you, Kurt and Jane, for sharing your love with us.

So, why is this wedding post about a salad?

I love the written detail about this simple salad. Kurt and Jane have this salad on repeat at home, and Kurt named it the “Jemma Salad,” after Jane’s initials: JEM. It’s an ordinary salad, but Kurt made it special when he named it after the woman he loves. And, by sharing that small detail with all of us, we got a tiny peek into their tender relationship.

What goes into a Jemma Salad?

We made one last night. The Jemma Salad: Field greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot shavings, and goat cheese, with a simple dressing of olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. That’s it!

Is it a recipe? Not really.

Is it delicious and healthy? Sure!

But what makes the Jemma Salad special?

It’s the thought behind it. It’s the love!

Make someone dinner tonight. Let them know how they are special to you. That’s what life’s all about! And, check out Jane’s website here, to learn more about this wonderful woman and her impressive, creative talent. She’s a rock star! (You might recall when Jane invited me on her Chicago radio show to talk about Kitchen 2.0!)

Welcome to the family, Janie! We adore you!

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