Countdown to Thanksgiving!

Not a great idea to leave everything to the last minute, so make a plan. We made our countdown list today, day-by-day, so we aren’t left doing it all at once.

Today’s major job: Cleaning out the refrigerator. You’ll need as much optimal space as possible in the days leading up to the big day, so the time to toss out the old, wrinkly carrots and the wilted lettuce is now! Prep any leftover veggies that you’ll want in your salads this week, and make a mental note of what you’ll need to store as the days get closer. Consolidate your condiments and wipe down the shelves and drawers.

My accountability photo:

Hard boiled eggs and prepped salad veggies are ready for lunches, and dinner will be meals already prepared and stored in the freezer, like last week’s beef stew.

Other things to consider:

  • Clean out hallway closets and store your coats away, to leave room for guest’s coats.
  • Put boot trays by the entry door.
  • Inspect table linens, throw them through the wash, and place on the table immediately, to eliminate creases.
  • Make your shopping list online. Most grocery stores have an online app these days. As you go through each of the recipes you are making, add the ingredients into the app. That way, you can go through the store aisle by aisle, and never forget a thing.
  • Make a mental inventory of your party supplies: Do you need garbage bags? Dish detergent or dishwasher soap? Cocktail napkins? Toothpicks? Paper towels? What about Ziplock bags or leftover containers? Cling wrap and aluminum foil? How about taper candles for the table? Wash out your big cooler for the extra bags of ice you’ll be picking up on Thursday morning.
  • Go through your bar. Do you have small cans of mixers? Aunt Sue’s favorite champagne? Sour ciders and IPA’s are super popular now. Do you have sparkling water and juices for non-alcoholic drinks? Are there limes and lemons in the fridge?

We’re NOT saying all these things NEED to be done. Only if you want to. No judgement from me! We don’t channel Martha here at K2.0. Last night we had special girlfriends over. We didn’t vacuum beforehand, and the kitchen floor had little dog footprints all over it…. we just weren’t feeling it after working all day, and my friends couldn’t have cared less. We had a blast.

Finally, think about the morning after Thanksgiving. Maybe you have the day off. In all likelihood, you’d be tired and not feeling like going out. Do you gave guests staying the night? You’ll be eating leftovers for lunch, but do you have coffee, oatmeal, yogurt and fruit for breakfast? You worked hard to make sure others were happy and fed on Thanksgiving. Make sure plan to take care of yourself the next day!

Finally, if you aren’t hosting, but instead are going to someone’s home, consider bringing them a wicker basket with garbage bags, paper dessert plates, Ziplocks, tin foil and cling wrap, a new dish towel and a pretty candle. They may have overlooked these important items!

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