Exciting News! Food52!

We are devoted groupies of Food52; the comprehensive foodie site that features everything from cookware to trending recipes, and much, much more! If you’ve never heard of this site, get yourself to food52.com without delay! Their visual trademark is the stunning simplicity in every photograph and product. Yamazaki Home makes us swoon, and our Olli Ella market cart is our bff at the farmer’s market each week in the summer. Original Food52 recipes are featured right alongside chefs like Meike Peters and Jamie Oliver. So imagine our surprise when we realized that they accepted our recipe for Macho Gazpacho!

We’re over-the-moon excited, and humbled beyond belief. And … here’s the kicker … check out the date on that recipe! June 17th! This little soup has been hanging out at Food52 for eight months, and we never even knew it! Focused tunnel vision for this project restricts most of our recreational screen time. Our apologies to Food52 for not acknowledging this sooner! We’ve been experimenting in the K2.0 kitchen, and hunched over the laptop 24/7, working to get our cookbook ready to launch.

THANK YOU, FOOD52! We are honored beyond belief!

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