Only days away…!

3 … 2 … 1 … It’s almost here!

I gave myself a February deadline for the release of the K2.0 cookbook, and we’re two days away from that goal. My grandmother was born on February 29th, so I’ll honor my sweet “Dickie,” as we all called her, by launching the book on her very special day.

Amazon will publish the book, and when it’s live on their website, I’ll post the link on the blog, on Facebook and on Instagram.

This has been a wonderful, cathartic experience. I’m not sure I would have begun this project if I had known how much work it would require. But now that we’re on the other end, I am more than satisfied with the result. I’m certain I missed a few typos here and there, but I’ll forgive myself for that, and I hope you will, too.

I wish Betsy could share the joy I feel, now that this project has come to fruition. She’d be so happy. Somehow, I think she knows.

I want to publicly thank my husband Warren for trusting the process, starting on Day One, when I packed up all his favorite salty goodies and stated my resolve to change our health for the better. I’m not sure he thought I would actually stick with it, but he never verbalized his doubts, if he ever had any. There certainly were a handful of unfortunate culinary disasters, but Warren would just smile and tell me it was delicious, despite the clouds of smoke in the kitchen, or my emphatic “Well, this will never go in the cookbook! This tastes terrible!” Thanks, honey, for all your support, and for never getting mad at me when I’d whisk your plate off the table to photograph your dinner before you had a chance to take a bite. (I’m told food tastes better lukewarm, anyway. xo)

I need to thank my daughter Grace, who designed the two logos for Kitchen 2.0, and whenever I wanted an additional logo for “K2.0 on the Go!” or “K2.0 in the Know!” she’d deliver right away. I’m sure I requested her assistance when the last thing she wanted to do was another project for her mother, but Gracie always came through for me, right up until last night, when we tweaked the cover design again. Thanks Beans! You’re so talented!

I want to thank my girlfriend Cheryl for proofing the book with her eagle eye and pointing out mistakes that were completely overlooked. I don’t know how she can concentrate on details the way she does, but she’s an expert! If there’s any typos in the book, they’re on pages I added later that Cheryl didn’t edit, I promise you! She’s that good! Thanks Cheryl!

And I want to thank my boys, Hans (aka Fritz) and Ted, who have been encouraging Warren and I on this journey since we began. It means the world to us to have such wonderful kids. Their love and support is everything to us. I often get texts from the boys with photos of the healthy meals they are creating in their own homes, and I adore that. I keep begging them to guest post on the blog, but nobody’s stepping up, yet. Ha ha. Maybe soon!

So .. stay tuned! It’s happening!!!!!

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