We used to make delectable charcuterie boards here at the Clausshaus. We’d settle in for the night; me with my wine, husband with his Manhattan, and turn on the telly for the big game/match/race. Sopressa, prosciutto, and hunter’s sausage. Salty Roquefort and Paive cheeses. Onion jam and salty crisps. Sour, salty, pickled veggies. Oh how I loved you, charcuterie board. They were a weekend tradition.

Well, we don’t load up on that ^^^ anymore, but we do enjoy a Fauxcuterie board. Lower salt cheeses, walnuts, plenty of vegetables and some fruits, (store bought – eeek!) wheat toasts for him and unsalted, brown rice crackers for me. Our dip is a simple Siggi’s nonfat plain yogurt with dill, lemon juice and horseradish, for heat. I’m thinking this one was for noshing on during the Oscar’s.

Here’s another one, from New Year’s Eve, I think. Spread a little butter on the bread triangles, for a special treat. Homemade wheat crisps, fruit, unsalted nuts, cold shrimp with low-sodium ketchup & horseradish, and blanched asparagus for dipping in stone ground mustard. Yum!

Anything is possible, and everything is adaptable, here in the K2.0 kitchen. We don’t count calories, and we eat until we’re full satisfied. Serve up some Fauxcuterie tonight at your house!

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