Cooking Amid Covid: Mini Quiches

It hasn’t felt right to blog lately. This virus flattened my creativity curve. Stopped it dead in it’s tracks. But at the suggestion of my daughter, I’m back. I won’t have any earth-shattering advice to pull people out of their doldrums, but I can post about changing it up, so that every day doesn’t feel like Groundhog Day.

Grace comes over every day, or I go there. We’re keeping each other sane. Today, the usual “What should we make for lunch?” wasn’t churning up any inspiration. We started researching quiche recipes, but the crusts aren’t K2.0 friendly. We switched to using Melissa’s Wonton Wrappers for the crusts. Couldn’t find the cupcake pan anywhere, so we went with six 4oz. mason jars. Necessity is the mother of invention.

First we coated the inside of the cups with about a teaspoon of olive oil. Then added one wonton wrapper to each cup.

Filled the 6 cups with 6 beaten eggs, evenly. Shredded some mozzarella, and sprinkled about 2 tsp. into each cup.

Chopped up red onion and 4 spears of fresh asparagus.

Used a spoon to gently push the ingredients down into the cups. Then we popped the tray into a preheated 350º oven for 25 minutes.

Eggs do an odd thing when baked like this! They rise above the rims of the cup, and lift off the bottom, too! (Science teachers, can you explain why?)

They were warm, and comforting, and wonderful. Checked all the boxes.

Plated two, but only needed to eat one. They are very filling!

The best part? We just screw on the top, and refrigerate the rest. They can be warmed up, sealed in their jar, in a hot water bath on the stove top.

Stay healthy, stay safe, stay at home, but don’t ignore your nutrition. Healthy eating creates healthy and more vibrant immune systems.

Be vigilant about that.

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