Here we go again.

Healthy goals are a strange thing. We all say we need to lose weight, get healthy, get in shape, but what does that actually look like? Healthy goals aren’t an end game. They’re a process. A continual, long-term process of commitment. Getting there is only one small piece of the battle.


I remember the day so clearly that I got to my weight goal about a year ago. I still hadn’t had a cookie or white bread or a candy, after 14 months of daily commitment to the K2.0 guidelines. I was finishing up the K2.0 cookbook, and I wrote a page called: I don’t know if we can ever really say: “We’ve got this.” It’s an inspirational piece about not getting too complacent, or we begin the slide down the slippery slope of sugar addiction again. I hit the publish button on February 29, 2020.

Then Covid hit, two weeks later.

I was a nervous wreck. I was without a job at the time, but also without purpose. The book was finished, and my anxiety was peaking with every updated news story. And so, I ate. Just little bits at the time, and I told myself it was only to help me feel better. My daughter and I walked the dogs for an hour every day, and the dogs got thinner, but I continued to eat. Little by little, adding cheese here, nuts there, a 2nd glass of wine each day … and now, here I am, overweight again. It doesn’t take much to slide back into old, nasty habits.

I found a beautiful passage from Man’s Search for Meaning, written by Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl. I passed it on to people because I thought it would mean something to them, but I now realize that I should have been paying closer attention to it myself.

Read it slowly. Let it sink in. That space. Poignant words. I need to pause inside that space, every time the sugar stimulus hits, to recognize the craving for what it is, and then redirect my response to health, not immediate satisfaction.

And so, we re-commit to the K2.0 principles and guidelines. I am forcing myself to look at this as part of a continuum, not as another starting point. This is part of my story, my journey, and my life. Am I ashamed to have gotten to the point of feeling uncomfortable in my clothing? If I’m honest, yes. I did this amazing thing a year ago, and published a book about being healthy, and then … didn’t follow the guidelines I created. Too little activity + overeating = weight gain. It’s not rocket science. I’m going to learn how to live healthy, again.

I guess, in a way, the world is starting to learn how to live again, after being one full year inside this Coronavirus outbreak. But there is hope: the vaccine is here, and people are starting to look forward to opening back up again. I’m looking forward to it too. I’ll probably tiptoe back in slowly; with trepidation and cautious optimism. My social skills are definitely rusty, after seeing no one (literally) except for work colleagues and a small pocket of family members in the past year. No lunches with friends or rowdy dinners with our huge family. That wonderful text: “Let’s go grab a glass of wine somewhere…” just echoes into the void. But it’s almost real Spring, and outdoor adventures will commence once again. It’s all good.

If I have inspired you over the last two years, I’d love to hear from you now. I’m the one who could use some inspiration this time. Am I nervous to put this message out there into the abyss? Absolutely. I found my holy grail, and then I abandoned it. But … here we go! Back on the hamster wheel! Giddy-up!

Peace to you all.

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