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Kitchen 2.0 is always interested in creating sponsored content that aligns with our core values:

  • our philosophy of clean eating, and
  • making good, healthy food in a simple, uncomplicated way.

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About Molly Clauss:

An educator for 35 years, Molly’s natural response to life’s problems is to research first, find an answer, and then share her findings with others. When Molly and her husband were both diagnosed with treatable health concerns, Molly revamped their diet naturally. Within 8 months, their health issues disappeared, and they lost 75 lbs. between them.

Kitchen 2.0 is a reflection of that change. When Molly couldn’t locate recipes that were ALL low-sodium and low-saturated fat and low-calorie and contained only complex carbohydrates, she decided to create them herself, using guidelines from the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, the Whole Grain Council, and other reputable resources.

Molly says: “Welcome to Kitchen 2.0! It’s a revised, reorganized, redirected revolution!”


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